Who we are

    NoboJatra is a Bangla word meaning “starting new journey” and “Foundation” means an underlying basis or principle of something. In one word NoboJatra Foundation means to establish and to provide a basic layer of building blocks to the people particularly women, children and seniors so that they can start their new journey by overcoming all their social, physical and mental health barriers. The Major objective of this organization is to educate, aware and enlightened women, children and seniors who are experiencing mental health and ageing challenges due to domestic violence and abuse. In Bangladesh, About 87 per cent of Bangladeshi married women are abused by their husband (VAW survey, 2011). Empirical evidence shows that people especially women and elderly who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse can have serious physical and mental health challenges. Children who are witnessing of violence and abuses are impacted seriously on their mental development, physical growth as well as social well being.
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